Holidays Week 4

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

As you may recall, I made a Holiday Planner and each week I have given myself a short to-do list to complete.

Here is a review of last week’s list:

I really wanted to design and print my own Yule cards this year, but honestly I just don’t have the time or the resources. So I got some nice “Merry Christmas” ones. I would have preferred “Happy Holidays” cards, but I couldn’t sacrifice design to get them (they were hideous).

I gathered a good bit of supplies for my handmade gifts. However, I did not start making any of them. Oh well.

I also planned NO Thanksgiving dishes.

I DID, however, work on my Stocking Stuffers’ list. I didn’t think of much, but I’m sure I’ll find something when I go shopping.

Here’s what’s up for this week:

  • Sign and address HALF the Yule cards
  • Order any online shopping gifts
  • Plan Holiday baking
  • Buy nonperishable ingredients for baking
  • Make gifts

Those Yule cards are looking like a daunting task. Not to mention the online shopping deadline. But I did the research, and unless you want to pay for faster shipping, this is the week to order to get your gifts in time. I’ll sneak in some Thanksgiving planning this week as well, to make up for my forgetfulness last week.

Hope you are doing well with your Holiday planning!