Iced Coffee…the lazy way

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

I’ve been seeing ALL OVER THE INTERNET, other bloggers posting their ways of making their own ice coffees. I am a HUGE iced coffee drinker. I make a big mega cup of it (almost) every morning. However, I have yet to “make” my own brew.

Most of these recipes call for brewing coffee twice to make a concentrate and then storing it for use in the fridge and going about your business. Yeah. That would require me to clean my coffee pot that hasn’t been used for years. So here’s what I do.


  • Iced coffee concentrate, I use CoolBrew most of the time (sometimes I get N.O. Brew, a local brand) and I find it in my grocery by the milk.
  • Milk, I use 2% or 1%. A lot of my friends use soy milk.
  • Splenda or whatever sweetener you like to use
  • Ice

Squeeze a shot into the handy-dandy shot measuring spout in the bottle and then pour it into your cup.

When I use this 24oz Starbucks cup (which was a gift from a coworker), I make a three shot mix.

Pour in your milk. I tried for awhile to use less milk (to cut back on the calories) and then supplement with the mix with water…it was gross.

Add your sweetener. I do about three spoons of Splenda.

After you mix, add some ice to your cold drink and enjoy!