I Have NOTHING To Wear: Part Two

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

Last week was crazy, and this week was too. SO SORRY for the delay in this post. I know it’s not Monday anymore, but this was supposed to go up on Monday.

When TGF and I moved into our place, I pretty much cleaned out my closet of things that I knew I didn’t wear. I just didn’t want to deal with packing and unpacking “useless to me” items. I donated them to Goodwill and that was that. So, my pile of “give away/throw away” is really too small to even photograph (or I forgot to photograph it).

I reorganized my side of the closet so that my work tops/blouses/vests/cardigans were easy to find. My suits/dresses/skirts/slacks are in the back as I don’t wear them much (well, my costumes are in the VERY back). My t-shirts for the weekends and home time are on the side, as well as the t-shirts that I deem work appropriate (with a vest, blazer, etc. to “professionalize” them of course), placed closer to my reach. I reorganized my baskets for pjs and work-out clothes so that the items I wear most are on top, and I moved them to be closer in reach (this will help minimize the messy state they can get into because I can’t reach them on the top shelf). And I finally got my shoes organized on the top shelf, yay!

My “work” tops, cardigans, extra hangers, blouses, etc.

My dresses and such (you can see a bridesmaid’s dress peaking out there).

More of the left side of my closet, which has skirts and t-shirts.

Baskets for pjs and such.


I still haven’t moved over my “winter” tops from the living room closet. I went through them, but they are staying put a little longer. The days are still getting up into the 80s here, and until we have a long cold streak, I don’t think they’ll be rotated into my wardrobe.

I also went through the socks/tights and under garments drawers, but those are private matters. 🙂

Next, week, I’ll be posting about what outfits I can make with what I have as well as what items I think I should buy to complete my wardrobe (as long as something like my car breaking down after a crazy weekend doesn’t happen again).


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    • In my last apartment, my closet was very tiny. And it had all these built in wire shelves that made hanging things, in some parts, almost impossible. I feel spoiled having all this closet space now.


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