Behind the Mask

or "cursing while using glitter"

From Martha Stewart (click image to see her DIY)

I found this image almost a year ago and presented it to TGF as a possible Halloween couple’s costume. I figured it was easy enough for us to recreate. He didn’t seem terribly thrilled about the idea, so I didn’t really set my heart on working on them.

Then I came up with a funny costume to do this year, told him about it (not telling you though, 😛 ) and he says “But…I thought we were going as the big bad wolf and little red riding hood?” Sigh. So now we have returned to this idea. However, he wants the costumes to look better than just altering some hoodies. I can’t blame him; we do live in New Orleans where most people have a closet just for their costumes.

So, I’ve been working on some ideas for my half of the costume. I want to sort of combine Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman that rescued her and grandma. Make Lil Red a lil more badass. Here are some Polyvore “sketches” of what I’ve kind of come up with so far:

I have a tutorial pinned for making a cape, but I’m not completely trashing the hoodie idea.

As for TGF I have had less ideas on what we can do. We could always find him a fur suit or something, but that just seems so hot and cumbersome. I’m BIG on comfort in my costumes after year’s of experience. Other ladies can wear 8″ heels and tiny skirts as a costume if they want, but I will not do that unless I get to sit down all night. With that in mind, I just figured that TGF would like to be comfortable as well. Maybe we can fur up his hands and some coming out of the neck of his shirt or something. But here’s a rough idea of what I have in mind:

I’ve found a tutorial for shaping leather masks and we will try that before buying a more expensive premade mask. I will share how that goes on here in the coming weeks.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?