Planned Return

or "cursing while using glitter"

Pretending to Craft is back!! And just in time for holiday crafts! I thought I’d start off with something I consider a craft project. Back in July, I designed and made a planner for Lazy Lady. I got the idea from The Dainty Squid, who did a blog post about how she organizes her blog posts and ideas. It’s a pretty crafty creation, I think, considering I designed the pages, printed them and bound them.

It has three sections: a monthly overview, which I use post-its to put down ideas for posts so I can easily mix things up in case one idea gets done before another; an ideas section, where I can make note of ideas for posts that don’t necessarily have a set place to go yet or just need more working out before they go on the monthly pages; and a weekly to-do list type section, where I can plan out what photos need to be taken and keep other notes on the progress of writing my posts.

Monthly overview of posts.

Ideas page, one of two.

Weekly to-dos for the blog.

It has helped me a great deal with the blog. I’ve been able to plan ahead better and have had less days slip by me without a post (as long as a hurricane doesn’t pop up).

I’m a graphic designer by profession, so putting this together was fun for me. It also really helped me put together another planner I’ll be sharing with all of you next week. Even making all those calendars helped me at my job! I had to design a piece of editorial that had a calendar of events and it came out beautifully.

So, this may not be a traditional craft, I still consider it crafty. 🙂


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