Chicken Asparagus Pasta

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

I love chicken. I love pasta. I love asparagus. I love cheese. When I found this recipe that has all these things in it, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made it. You can find the original over at Goodeness Gracious.

Here are the pics from TGF and I making it:

First, TGF cooked up some chicken. In hindsight, we should have cut up the chicken more bite-size.

We used some steamer asparagus from the freezer section of the grocery. After microwaving the bags, we put the asparagus in the baking dish.

I decided we should probably cut them up a bit instead of leaving them whole.

After cooking the pasta (we didn’t use penne but I don’t remember the name of what we used…some variation of rigatoni) put that in the dish with the asparagus.

Give it all a good coat of olive oil.

Add the cooked chicken.

Mix it all up, making sure everything gets some olive oil love.

Top that sucker with cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Pop it in the oven till it is all melty.

This was…ok. Not a whole lot of flavor. We aren’t going to toss the recipe, but we will definitely tweak it more to taste better. It didn’t taste bad, just bland.