Blog Love: Post Secret


I read more than just books. I have quite a few blogs I read as well (188 and growing, cough), all subscribed via my Google Reader. I thought I’d share my favorites with you when I’m not currently reading any books.

Every Sunday, secrets from all over are posted on this site. I don’t know if everyone considers it a blog, but I do. I don’t read them on Sunday, but rather on Monday. It is my favorite post to read every week.

It’s amazing to me what some consider secrets. Peeing in the shower, stealing post-its, etc. If only everyone’s secrets were as simple as these. Some people are dealing with heavy issues from the past, present and future, and they are utilizing Post Secret as an outlet to share some of the weight of their worries. It’s a wonderful project that just grows bigger and bigger.

I understand what it is like to have things you just feel like you can’t share. I’ve had my share of weight to carry, but for the longest time, I’d grow to trust those around me and share the burden knowing I could count on my friends and family for support. However, the older I get the more I keep the weight to myself. I’ve lost some I trusted in the past, and when they leave my life it feels like the weight, however slight, that I gave them comes back on me ten-fold. Sometimes, I just feel my “secrets” are just temporary burdens and I need to just carry on, they will pass in time. Other times I look back and feel selfish for sharing my burdens/secrets with others.

I always think of secrets I’d want to share Post Secret myself, but they are too wordy to fit on a post card. I’m just not one to summarize, I guess. One day, I might figure out how to edit a secret down to a single sentence. Maybe I’ll let go of the need to explain every detail and release some this weight out to the universe.

Or maybe I’ll learn to trust in friends again. Trust they won’t leave me.

Do you like Post Secret? What are some blogs you like/love?