This Is The Story of The Hurricane (Isaac)

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

(This post is just going to be all text, I’m afraid. My camera’s battery died right before the storm and I haven’t been able to find the charger for it.)

I was off work the Monday before the storm. I just randomly scheduled that day as a vacation day months ago. I spent the day keeping in touch with work and running errands. TGF had to go to work that day, so I went to gas up my car and get a check deposited as well as cash out, just in case. I also purchased a radio for us…that wouldn’t acknowledge a battery in it, so TGF and I went later that evening to get ANOTHER radio (come to think of it, I still need to return the crappy one). We had already done our storm grocery shopping the day before, so I didn’t have to do that task alone, thankfully. We went and cooked up the meat in our fridge at TGF’s dad’s place.

Tuesday, neither TGF nor I had to go to work. We watched the news on my computer until I got nervous about the power going out and shut it down. Then we spent the rest of the day playing Elder Signs (more about that game next week!) and listening to the radio for news. The power flickered once but didn’t go out. TGF made lemon poppy seed pancakes that were AMAZING. I am going to make them again when I have a charged camera. I kept the AC vents shut off except in our bedroom the whole day, as well as kept the bedroom shut–my logic being that if/when the power went out at least that room would be cool a bit longer.

Woke up Wednesday morning freezing. The power hadn’t gone out yet. Checked in with the family via text messaging. Turned the AC off for a bit and sat in bed watching the news on the computer. 10:30 rolls around and bye-bye power. We no longer have the icebox bedroom, either. We play more Elder Signs while I whimper at the rough winds and listen to the radio. When the storm lets up, TGF makes a run for it to his dad’s to get more ice for our cooler filled with fridge things. He wanted me to go with him, but I was so terrified I just cried and said I couldn’t. Oh, and just before that, the ceiling started leaking. A lot. We had two buckets, a 20 gallon fish tank and a garbage can (which was on double drip duty) in the corner of our living room to catch all the leaks. Not to mention a towel on the floor along the wall that was crying. AND my phone was dying because it wasted its own battery searching for service signals that were no where to be found. The night was so hot, but we put some towels in the cooler and used those as ice blankets. Wednesday was a bad day.

Thursday I went to work at noon, after the 3 feet of water in our parking lot went down of course. It was blissfully cool at work as we have a bad ass generator there. Everyone except one person in my department had no power. There was still a curfew in place, so we all left at a decent time. It was a hot hot night and the ice blankets didn’t help much.

TGF had to go to work and so did I on Friday. It was a full work day for me. We went to my mom’s for dinner, they had AC. We got word after dinner that the power at our apartment was back on, so we rushed home. The was no power. After much back and forth, TGF and I decide to stay the night at my mom’s; him on the couch and me on an air mattress on the floor (though when I woke up, TGF was snuggled up with me on the tiny twin sized air mattress). We both actually got some sleep, a first in a few nights.

Saturday, I had to go in to work and get the paper out (hurricanes be damned, the papers will always go to press!). It wasn’t horrible. PLUS, when we went home in the morning so I could get ready and check on Mr. Tom, we had power! Blissful AC! My brother left town to go to his girlfriend’s a few hours away, so TGF and I were on cat duty for him.

After the power came back on, I felt like the whole ordeal was behind me. The curfews were lifted, but a lot of people and areas didn’t have power. The grocery stores are still scarce of some food items (no salads). But, businesses are opening back up and gas stations have gas again. The apartment management had our leaky roofed fixed on Labor day. It took them a couple of hours (of me hiding in the bedroom with TGF) and when they finished, you couldn’t even tell there had ever been leaks. It looked as good as new! I was off work Labor Day as well as the Tuesday and Wednesday that followed, so it’s taken me awhile to get back into some sort of routine.

However, I’m back. I luckily had some Lazy Cooking posts lined up, photos taken and everything, before my camera died. My reading has slowed down, but don’t worry, I have some plans for those posts as well.

It’s nice to be back. Thanks for any and all good thoughts/vibes and/or prayers you folks might have sent my way. Greatly appreciated it. 🙂


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