Food Waste Friday: Hurricane Edition


I’m finally getting back into the groove of life after Hurricane Isaac. We got power back Saturday morning, and then I was on holiday (Labor Day)/vacation till yesterday; so my world has been a bit upside down. I want to post more about the hurricane experience, but that will wait till next week.

Today, I’m just going to post about what we could not save in the fridge during the power outage.

We lost power last Wednesday morning. We immediately put my iced coffee, the butter, sour cream, jelly, mayo, two bags of shredded cheese, lunch meat and sandwiches I made before the storm into the cooler of ice we had set up. The Monday before, we took a pack of chicken thighs and a pack of pork chops to TGF’s father’s place, where TGF barbecued them. When the power went out, we just ate them all up during that day so they wouldn’t take up room in the cooler and get gross.

We had to CONSTANTLY find ice for the cooler, as it kept melting in the tropical heat. Luckily, TGF’s place of employment has a GIANT ice machine. When that wasn’t an option, his father had a ton of ice we took from during calm moments of the storm.

Sunday, TGF cleaned out the fridge and it we put the cooler items back. It wasn’t too bad really, considering most people lost a lot of food. Here’s what was tossed:

  • three bottles of salad dressing
  • one bag of shredded cheese from the cooler that opened while in the ice water
  • the sour cream from the cooler, even with extra precautions it still got filled with water and just seemed off
  • The tiniest amount of milk that had actually gone bad before the power went out

I think that is all, to be honest. Even with the milk, it was sour the Tuesday before the pour went out and we still made lemon poppy seed pancakes with some of it.

I don’t have any pictures of the food waste because my camera’s battery died and I have yet to discover what box we packed it in for the move. Wish me luck on that adventure.



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    • Thanks! In retrospect, I’m actually a little proud of how I managed the food. Things are getting much better now. We just restocked using emergency assistance and most businesses are up and running as usual.


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