Food Waste Friday


So, TGF and I have been a bit lazy about the garbage. We have to take it to a dumpster that is probably about 3 blocks away from our apartment, so it doesn’t get taken out very often. For that reason, some very rotten eggs (not stinky…yet) are still hanging out in our fridge but will get taken out tomorrow. So, I don’t have a picture.

Also, here’s my defense about the eggs being tossed: they weren’t ours. When we went on our vacation, it was with TGF’s dad and other folks. We got back well before anyone else and his dad had instructed us to take food from his place so it didn’t go bad. Well, they had taken almost everything with them except four sad little eggs. We took them in, with one day before their expiration, thinking we’d hard boil them and eat them. We never did. So, now they are destined for the dumpster.

Hope you did well with your FWF this week!

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