Food Waste Friday


Things have been crazy since we got back from the beach. I know we have at least one item of food waste even if we haven’t tossed it yet. Wednesday, when I went to make my coffee the half full gallon of milk in the fridge, which still had a few days left on it before the best by date, smelled bad. I don’t risk it with milk. If I had the means to bake something, I might have used it. But I didn’t. So I just put it back in the fridge and opened the new gallon of milk (that we accidentally bought thinking we were low on the other).

In other words, I have milk to throw away in my fridge. And no photo of it for you.

Hope you did well with your FWF this week!

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2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. I know what you mean about milk that smells off. I won’t serve that to my kids! I do try to remember to do a once over of the fridge, the morning that we leave for a getaway. I pop everything into the freezer that I think could go bad — milk, bread, any leftovers. And that way, not only does it not go bad, but I have milk for breakfast when we return!


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