Chicken Nugget Pizza

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

In trying to think of what to make for dinner, The Gentleman Friend and I decided we wanted to make pizza. Now, we could have gone all fancy and made the crust from scratch (something I do want to do eventually, and have a stash of the stuff in the freezer for pizza whenever) but we just bought pizza dough at the grocery store. We did make our own sauce though! I’ll make that a separate post though.

When we headed to the grocery, we were on the mission to get the ingredients for a chicken, spinach and bell pepper pizza (which is one we usually order). However, while in search for the best chicken to use for the pizza we saw chicken nuggets. We both looked at each other to see how gross the idea that was starting seemed to the other; then we both proclaimed “CHICKEN NUGGET PIZZA.”

The instructions on the pizza dough packaging said to cook the crust a bit before putting on toppings. The bottom got a bit too brown so we just flipped it so we wouldn’t burn the bottom.

Next, we topped it with our homemade red sauce.


Bell peppers for toppings.

Finished product. It was delicious.

The pix with us putting the chicken nuggets on the pizza weren’t very good, so sorry that step is kinda skipped in the photos. Do you have any “less than ordinary” pizza toppings you like to use?