Jars, the painted ones

or "cursing while using glitter"

The Gentleman Friend surprised me a few weeks back with a box of Ball Mason Jars. I had been coveting them for many reasons. They apparently are magical items even if you can’t can anything (or don’t have the desire to go through the laborious process). You can keep your salads fresher, longer! You can put/bake cupcakes/cakes in them! With jars in your possession, a whole wide world of crafts are open to you!

So, with that in mind, TGF and I painted some jars. I wanted to make some tea light holder jars for the outside. Ironically, I didn’t use a single jar he had given me. Instead I used two salsa jars that we had saved.

Here’s what I used:

  • Jars of any size, mason or not
  • Painters tape
  • Spray paint
  • Newspaper or something to lay down so you don’t create a huge mess when you spray paint

Get your jars ready and cleaned.

I wanted to have random stripes. The idea I got from the internet had used yarn, but when TGF pulled out the painters tape for his jar I just decided to use it too.

Spray paint! We let them dry while we went and grabbed some dinner and while we ate said dinner, watching Hollywood Treasure on Hulu.

Once dry, I peeled off the tape. And I realized that I did a craptastic job spray painting these jars.

Threw in some fake tea lights and went “Eh, good enough.”

TGF was never happy with his jar the entire process. He’s such a little perfectionist, it’s cute. I liked it, though; but out of respect for his disapproval I did not include it in my photos.