Clay Circus

or "cursing while using glitter"


Welcome! One and all to the...

After The Gentleman Friend and I made our To-Do Jar, we of course pulled out a project the very next morning. And, of course, it is a project that requires a lot of time. In other words, we started it; spent one full night working on it; stopped working on it; still plan to finish it.

However, I did insist to TGF that we pull another project because we aren’t going to finish the clay circus anytime soon. Thought I’d share some of our progress on it though.

All our supplies. We have an overabundance of USPS postal boxes at the apartment from some eBaying we did for my mom. They’re free so we figured we’d use up some of them for this project.

Some measurements being figured out and some sketches.

These will house the figurines we will make…well, you’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


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