open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

Ever since The Gentleman Friend gave me the fryer for my birthday, he’s been wanting to make beignets. Well, we finally did it. They are ridiculously easy to make. Well, if you made them from scratch they might now be as easy, but luckily we live in New Orleans, so we have access to Café du Monde Beignet Mix in every grocery store.

Measure out your beignet mix (this required some math for us as we did not want to make 2 dozen beignets...well I didn't want to make that many, TGF did). Then, measure and add your water to the mix.

Mix till you get your dough ball.

Roll the dough till 1/4" thick (I got to use my rolling pad and pin for the first time!)

Cut into squares.


After you drain them, sprinkle with powder sugar while they are still hot and enjoy!