Poll Dancer

or "cursing while using glitter"

Like the pun up there? Yeah you do.

In the To-Do Jar The Gentleman Friend and I created, there are a number of craft projects that we picked to do together. When we pull those for the day’s activity, I plan to document them to post here; however, just in case we don’t get to them in a while or if there comes a time with a long lull in between crafts (we have painting, drawing, business, and computer activities in the jar too) I want to have something to post here.

So, I decided to try out WordPress’ PollDaddy feature. I made this poll with three choices of craft projects for me to attempt. All three are ones I want to do but TGF isn’t exactly jumping at the chance to create. So VOTE! And someday you may see me do one of these lovely crafts!