Hard to Swallow

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

So basically, my body is falling apart. And I’m only 27.

Back on February 21, Mardi Gras day, I woke up and everything was OK. The Gentleman Friend and I were lazing about, trying to decide what option we wanted to do for the day (go to a birthday/MG party on the parade routes Uptown, or go to the French Quarter and enjoy the festivities and costumes down there); then I sat at the computer and suddenly I had shooting pain in my back. It was a pain I knew, but hadn’t felt that bad since 1999 when I was in 9th grade and played volleyball. Back then, the doctor told me I had scapular bursitis, a condition that causes the muscle under the shoulder blade to become inflamed and every time you move, the blade pushes the muscle into your lung. Fun right? So I took pain meds (OTC) and propped up in the bed for the next two days. I got some patches that numb out the area they are placed and those helped me get back to work.

Then, the following Sunday, I go to an urgent care clinic because I’m starting to get a sore throat, and after having had strep twice in the past few months I wasn’t taking any chances (though it didn’t feel like strep this time). I get some antibiotics and head home. As I’m eating my dinner of ravioli in red sauce, I have to stop like two bites in. It was hurting to swallow. I just kind of dealt with it for a few days, and I was starving because I couldn’t really eat anything. Finally, TGF and my mom convinced me to go to the hospital. I have esophagitis (and it isn’t related to the sore throat, which I was almost through with the meds for by this point), which basically means that my esophagus is really inflamed. They refer me to a gastro-somethingorother, whom I go see the next morning. He puts me on some super acid suppressors and schedules me for and endoscopy in a few weeks.

I feel better and can eat normally by the time of my endoscopy, but go through with it anyway just to know what I need to do from now on. I was super nervous before the procedure and during the prep, but they put me out and I woke feeling a bit like I had been doing some heavy drinking but otherwise fine. They found a hiatal hernia and some ulcers in my throat that they biopsied but they just confirmed the acid erosion and inflammation from those results. So now I’m on acid suppressors for the rest of my life. Could be worse.

Oh, and back to the back pain, it went away by the time I was at the hospital for the throat issues. Anyway, just thought I’d just share what I’ve been going through these days. Hope you all are in better health!