Fly Trap

or "cursing while using glitter"

With the giant hole in my kitchen ceiling (I promise I will do a post about the whole thing, but right now I’m still living through it all), have come a disturbing amount of drain flies as well as fruit flies. One night, while enjoying some lasagna, The Gentleman Friend and I decided we’d have some wine with our meal. I left my glass unattended to go outside and when I returned it was covered in flies.

So I decided to make my glass of wine a fly trap. If you want to do the same here’s what you need:

  • A glass of wine or beer (preferably one that has already been tainted by the little bastards)
  • Some plastic cling wrap
  • Something to poke holes in the plastic cling wrap (I used an ornament hook that I found on the floor)

Step one: Place the plastic cling wrap over the top of you glass.

Step two: Poke holes in the top that are big enough for the flies to get in to the trap.

Step three: Set the trap out where the flies are and wait.

The finished product.


I know this isn’t really a “craft” but I thought it was “crafty.”


3 thoughts on “Fly Trap

  1. Heh, I’ve had to do the same exact thing, only I used cider vinegar and a rocks glass.

    If you add a drop of dish soap, it breaks the surface tension of the liquid and the little bastards get sucked in that much faster.


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