Chicken Parmesan Crescents

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

When my Gentleman Friend and I started dating, I flat out told him that although the dating rules require me to cook for him one night, that wasn’t going to happen. We then agreed that we would cook together and that way we would both be to blame if our meal came out horrible.

So, one night we scoured my Pinterest recipe board for something to cook. When we saw this one, we were all “I like chicken, crescent rolls, AND cheese…we should make this.” The recipe is over at Plain Chicken. It’s super easy to make, you just need a tube of crescent rolls, frozen pre-cooked chicken strips, spaghetti sauce and cheese.

Here’s a pic of the final product:

I tell you what, this is really good. We have made it twice now (though we left out the actual spaghetti the second time, the chicken is enough). We also made it a third time, but instead of spaghetti sauce, we used pesto. It was interesting. Gentleman Friend liked it, but I am still on the fence (and I love pesto).