Food Waste Friday


Been a bit since I did this post, but don’t think I haven’t wasted any food. I’m sure I have. However, I’m back with a FWF post and a bit of a story.

First, the waste:

Some now slimy watermelon and some bean dip.

Here’s the story of the bean dip: The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I had to go to the ER. Nothing major really, I just waited too long to go an urgent care facility. The Gentleman Friend drove me and my mom met us there. I had to get an IV and they told me I had strep throat. I spent the Monday through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week feeling horrible. Luckily, by Thanksgiving day I was mostly better and got to enjoy the festivities. However, during the week, Gentleman Friend, being the amazing man he is, decided to take it upon himself to go grocery shopping for me since I was unable to do so myself. I told him not to bother, as he and my mom and my brother had provided me with enough soup, juice and tea to last me till 2012; and really that was all I could consume while sick anyway. But, he went ahead and got groceries. He got me a fridge full of Lunchables (b/c I told him once that I would eat those for lunch at work sometimes), more juice, crackers, humus, fruit, milk, cereal, ginger ale, some fruit smoothie drinks and the bean dip. I am not particularly fond of bean dips, so I told him he would be eating that all on his own. As you can see, he did not finish it.

So, that is the story of the bean dip. He’s been bugging me to throw it out and I’ve been meaning to, but I try to put food stuffs in the trash the night before the pick up. That way, they aren’t in there tempting whatever animals are out there to dig in my garbage; and it seems I kept forgetting to put it in the trash till today.


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