Marshmallow Shooters

or "cursing while using glitter"

Over the weekend, my gentleman friend and I did “arts & crafts.” We made, what I call, Marshmallow Shooters. No, it isn’t an alcoholic shot. It is a simple device designed to shoot marshmallows. And no, it’s not the “fancy” kind made with pipes and magic; you just need two plastic cups, a balloon, some scissors and marshmallows.

I found this on Pinterest, and here’s a link to the blog I got the tutorial from over at Come Together Kids.

Get your supplies ready.

Put two cups together (just stacked, you know) and then ut the bottom third-ish off your cups.

PSA: Scissors are dangerous, kids. So be careful or you will make me have to get out my first aid kit and bandage up your finger b/c you don't know how to not cut yourself (j/k, love you!)

Due to first aid needing to be administered, I got distracted and accidentally skipped a step in my photography (and am too lazy to clean off my counter again in order to shoot this one step). You need to tie a knot in your flaccid balloon, then cut about half an inch off the tip of it.

Now take your balloon and stretch it over the lips of the cups (it's easier and studier than trying to stretch it over the jagged, cut side).

Draw some sad looking targets on your fence that you will never hit and will eventually stop trying to even aim at after about two minutes (sorry for the blurry pic, I was excited about testing out the shooters).

And now for a special treat! Here are a couple of videos of gentleman friend testing out our project!

We tried seeing how high we could shoot the marshmallows in the air. We gave up on the idea of trying to shoot them in each others mouths when we saw how far they could go. And don’t worry, we picked up all the marshmallows we shot (well, that we could find; I’m still picking up strays every time I go outside). This is a super fun and easy “craft” project and I recommend you all going out and doing it.


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