Dating=More Productive


or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

So, you may recall my “When The Lazy Start Dating” post a few weeks ago, in which I talk about how I’m not sure how this whole boy-in-my-life thing was going to fit into my lazy schedule (a post I made “private” a week later when said fella found out about my blog and I got all embarassed at the thought he might read it. I got over that though and it’s back up for the public). Well, here is my take on the situation a whole two weeks after that first post:

  1. I love spending as much time as we can together. I find myself never without my phone these days, just in case he calls or texts me (b/c I’m a nerd).
  2. The past two weekends I’ve spent entirely with him. All weekend long. And it has been freakin’ great.
  3. The days we are apart fall into two categories–a) I am recovering from drinking and/or lack of sleep (day one apart); or b) I am super freakin’ productive, Batman.

Like last week for example, one night when we weren’t together I did my dishes, my laundry, SWEPT, picked up around the apartment and made a grocery list. IN. ONE. EVENING. Also, I worked on the blog. Also, I take WAY  more showers now, ha ha. I mean, I wouldn’t say I was nasty dirty before my gentleman friend came into my life (I did have to be clean and presentable for work and to just not feel gross about myself), but now I take more so I can be clean for him…and he touches my hair, a lot, so it gets greasy faster now.

I have a couple of theories about the productiveness I have when we are apart. One is that I want my home to be nicer for when we hang out. We spend a majority of our time at my apartment and I get tired of seeing dust bunnies and trash around the place, thus causing me to worry about what he must think of me and my housekeeping skills. The other is I think I get bored when he’s not here. That is kind of “schmoopy” as my friends call it, but true. Getting things done keeps my mind off the fact that he’s not here to laugh with or talk to me. Also, I get productive on the nights we plan to hang out after he gets off work. Technically, it is after I get off work too, but I get off work most days around 6pm. He on the other hand gets off anywhere from 10pm-2am. So instead of going crazy with impatience those nights, I’ll do things around the house (mending clothes, dishes, trash, etc.).

So that’s how things are going these days. I’ve talked him into helping me with an upcoming Pretending to Craft post, so you might possibly see him on the blog again then.

I’m going to end this post with a pic of he and I from Halloween last week. I hope you all have a great week!


My gentleman, zombie friend and I (I'm Rosie the Riveter, btw)


One thought on “Dating=More Productive

  1. First of all, 😀

    Second of all, yup. Having more stuff going on in life means that you will work to fit everything that you were doing before plus whatever extra you have now. Sometimes it’s a bit more stressful, but other times I realize how much time I was wasting on the internet before I had something productive to spend my time on. It’s kinda great. 🙂

    (I’m going back to school to get my BSN, graduating August 2014. Going to work and get pre-reqs at Hinds until I start full-time at UMC in May of 2013.)


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