Food Waste Friday


Salsa. It was down to the part where I couldn’t get at what was left in the jar.

Two things of milk: one with just a tiny bit in it, the other with almost half still in it. Remember the spaghetti squash and how I was going to have so many Lazy Cooking posts with it? Yeah. That’s half of it in that plastic container. I ate all the half that I seasoned and then got sick of it and forgot about it. On top of that is some cheese that is all gross now. Finally, half a pan of brownies. Normally, brownies would NEVER go to waste in my house; however, the day after they were made and I ate one (or three), my tummy wasn’t happen the next day. At the time, I thought it was from all the drinking I had done over the weekend. Tuesday night I had a brownie (or three) and then Wednesday my tummy was again upset. I blame the brownies and so they have to go. I made them with my gentleman friend so I hope he didn’t suffer any ill affects like I did.