When The Lazy Start Dating

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

So for this Misc. Monday, I’m sharing a bit of personal info, if that’s not your thing here’s a link to the “Cute Animal” board my friends and I post on. For those of you still here, away we go!

As is pretty obvious from my entire blog, I am single lady. Since I’ve moved to New Orleans (about 4 years ago) I have gone on one “real” date and a couple “hey meet this guy” outings. None of those worked out, obviously. However, two Saturdays ago a friend set me up on a “hey meet this guy” outing and this guy was cute. Really cute. And nice. Then, the guy asked me out via text the very next day so obviously he thought the meet-up went well as well. We go out last Wednesday and it was good. It had its awkward first date moments, but overall I’d say it was a success. Prior to making this date we had both expressed our intentions of going to a music show the next Friday. So two days after our first date he asks if we can hangout before hand and also if he can be my ride for the night (I typically ride with the friend that set us up). So that goes well and I’m all happy.

Then he wanted to hang out the very next day as well.

I’m out of practice on the whole dating thing, y’all. And while it’s awesome, exciting and flattering to have a guy you like want to just spend as much time with you as possible, it is a lot of work to look cute. I mean, I have a TON of hair and unless I do work on it, I look like a frizzy 12 year old–and the “work” I have to do on it takes forever. Then there’s make-up. And figuring out what to wear. And dealing with the hangover from the night before.

Anyway, this is a problem I’m very happy to have, don’t get me wrong. Still, this lazy lady is going through some adjustments trying to fit in cute guy in her lazy schedule.