T-Shirt Reconstruction…well, sort of

or "cursing while using glitter"

After the amazing success of my last t-shirt project (does the sarcasm read here?), I thought that I should try a simpler t-shirt craft. Plus, I own a ton of t-shirts that I rarely wear. The back story for the t-shirt I picked for this project: it is for the roller derby team my friend Sara plays on; but when I went to buy one at the bout, the merch table only had men’s sizes–seeing as I don’t get to go up to see her play often I went ahead and bought the too-big-for-me t-shirt. When I was digging for shirts to destroy last project, I got the idea to do this for this shirt (not the destroying, but the idea for this project).
I debated at first if I should do a different t-shirt for this post, kinda like a test run so I wouldn’t mess up a shirt I actually wanted to wear. Then I got ballsy and said “Ah, just go for it!” Man, I really need to be more cautious. Anyway, here we go!

I actually looked up a tutorial for this project but I remembered how to do this from my college days (sort of) after reading the post. However, if you want to do this project right you can read it here at Connect the Dotsons.

Materials used:
• oversized t-shirt
• scissors
• safety pins (this was just to help me, they are not necessary)

Here's the shirt before I get started. As you can see, Tom is trying to get me to stop before I destroy it. Or he just wants to lay on it.

I trim off the bottom seam like the tut tells me to.

Then, I cut up the sides and snip them into small strips (here's where I needed safety pins to help me).

Not pictured is the step where I tie up the side strips I made. I forgot to take that one. My bad.

Finally, I cut the collar off the shirt. The tut doesn't say to do that, but my out come wasn't as neat as her shirt, so I decided to "rough" it up a bit more to make it look like I knew what I was doing.

Here's the final product. It's not perfect, definitely no where near as well done as the one in the tutorial; however, I like it.


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