Food Waste Friday




This week wasn’t so bad. I actually tried to use up the last bit of milk in the container the day before its “best by” date; but when I opened it, it smelled sour. The cereal, and there was only less than a bowlful left in the box, has been sitting on my counter for months and months now. In the storage container is some rice and black beans that have been in my fridge probably longer than the cereal on the counter.


5 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. I’m not sure what to say about your waste. It just goes to show how different families and dynamics make different food waste. Those items would not have ever lasted that long here. LOL


    • Heh, well my “family” consists of me and a cat; and Tom doesn’t eat any of that stuff. The cereal wouldn’t normally be in my wasted pile but I just honestly forgot about it. The rice and beans were very blah and made during a period of “I have to eat what I have in the house b/c I’m broke.” I was sad about the milk.


  2. If you really want to be hard core, you can take stale cereal and the crumbs in the bottom of the cereal boxes and put them into breads. I used to do that. It certainly helps with the no waste idea. However, I don’t make that much bread anymore, so presently, I’m not doing that practice.


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