Slow and Steady

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

I’ve been steadily cleaning my apartment. I got terribly overwhelmed at the amount I needed to do, but I started using my dry erase board on my fridge and making short to-do lists on it for each day. They are like “Dishes; Laundry; Take Out Trash” and other such normal tasks that probably anyone but me wouldn’t need reminders to do. However, it has helped me tremendously. My bedroom is still a disaster zone, but it’s not like I have many people in my boudoir these days…or ever.

The "Bugs!" on there is referring to getting something for the mosquitos that eat me up when I'm outside, btw.

I am hoping that once I get my surroundings in order, I’ll be more inclined to post more here on the blog. I’m terribly sorry that I’ve been neglecting it. I actually have been writing posts, drafts if you will and mostly for Miscellaneous Mondays, but I forget to post them. Some are forever lost as they were somewhat timely and wouldn’t make much sense now; however, some will make there way here as they were general musings of mine.

Anyway, I promise I’m not dead. I’m here. I’m just busy cleaning.


3 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  1. Nice to hear from you. I am trying to become more organized myself. I recommend that people watch Hoarders. Once you see that show you will see that it could be much worse and be proud of your accomplishments especially with working and all. We are super Women!!!


  2. You’ll notice my blog is stagnant too I’m in the same boat, totally overwhelmed. Luckily I have this week off work coming up…


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