Food Waste Friday



It’s been a while since I’ve done a FWF and I was bad this week. Also, I’m late because I’m so out of practice that I forgot to upload my pic. Anyway, I decided to clean out and reorganize my cabinets this week. In the process I check expiration dates and found some items that went to the trash:

So wasteful.

What you see here is:

  • some old moldy pecans
  • old yogurt raisins
  • gross peanut butter that I will never finish because it was gross to begin with
  • expired pasta roni
  • powder sugar that showed signs that I might not like what I found inside
  • expired and NEVER OPENED corn meal
  • whole wheat pasta that’s been open for who knows how long
  • oh and some expired meds too

Oh well. Can’t be good every week.


3 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. I know people who waste so much more it is shameful. I did not waste anything this week but, it took years to get that good at it. Now if I could only pay all of my bills and have more play money lol Enjoy the weekend.


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