Welcome to Dino Land!

or "cursing while using glitter"

Ok, last week I dropped the blog ball…again. Let’s move on from that though! Two Saturdays ago, I actually did go to a dollar store and I got some goodies! And as promised (though a week late), here is what I bought:

  • Dino hat – this is not going to be a craft, I just wanted it
  • Toy dinosaur
  • Two packages of felt sheets
  • Bag of tiny dinosaurs
  • Garden trowel – also not a craft purchase, I just have some gardening I need to do

Fun times ahead!


One thought on “Welcome to Dino Land!

  1. Cool stuff. They also have good cleaners, cat stuff, toiletries and so much stuff it is cool. I love the Dollar stores. I also like a place called Family Dollar though we do not have one here. If you have one you may want to check it out. Everything is cheaper but, not all of it is a dollar.


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