Sick on a Vacation Day


or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

I’m off work today, I had to schedule some vaca time or I’d lose it come my anniversary in October; so I just gave myself some long weekends. However, I got a cold over the weekend. 😦 But thanks to Mucinex, I’ve been able to be productive today. Did the dishes, which were way gross; running a load of laundry right now; will do more dishes once this batch is done; and I have plans to take out the trash and clean the kitty box.

Anyway, I hope you all stay healthy this week. I’m shooting up vitamin C and chicken soup (painful) like there is no tomorrow as well as downing Theraflu and Mucinex. I just hope I get better before my dentist appointment on Thursday, lest I have to cancel it.