Cuban Black Beans & Rice with Turkey Sausage

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

Sorry this is so late today. I didn’t get around to working on it last night. My friend Crystal taught me this recipe when she was still married to my brother, and it is super easy–perfect for Lazy Cooking!


  • One bag of Vigo Cuban Black Beans and Rice
  • Turkey Sausage (I usually only use one “link”)


Prepare the beans and rice according to the package.



While it's cooking, cut up the sausage into bite size pieces.



When the beans and rice are done, stir in the sausage. Then serve and eat!


When I have the desire to do so, I sometimes make corn muffins to go with this dish.

WARNING: This will make a shit ton of food, and if you are a single person like me, you will get pretty sick of eating it for every meal for a week. I haven’t tried freezing it, so I don’t know how well it holds up.


One thought on “Cuban Black Beans & Rice with Turkey Sausage

  1. Thanks I never had those beans. I must try them when I find them somewhere. That is good sausage. The off brand can be bought for only a dollar at dollar stores. I will look for the beans and rice. Yummy. Have fun now.


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