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pretending to craft
Ok, I guess I’m finking out of this week’s Pretending to Craft post, but crafts don’t have be just painting styrofoam cups to make them look like hats and felting wool, right?
This week, I took this little section to get some happy home-making out of the way. Mending!

Torn jam jams

Here are some pajama pants that have a rip in the leg. Being pjs I haven't really cared about the rip but it was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger...


I swear I don't own a lot of pink clothes.

This is a top that I got at Goodwill. It seemed to be in pretty good shape when I bought it; then I got it home and saw that it was missing a button on one of the sleeves. At first I was like, "meh who needs those buttons?" Then I put it on again and realized that I kinda do need those buttons.


Ok, I also wear more than clothes in the red family in general.

Another Goodwill buy. It really seemed perfect when I bought. I put it on at home and noticed a tiny cut in the shoulder of the dress. I've been wearing it anyway, just with a sweater.

So while watching Gilmore Girls I pulled out my sewing kit (at least that is what I call it) and got this sewing out of the way.

Here are my results…sans a pic of the top. When I was uploading my images, I discovered that I must have used the flash on that one and it blew the whole picture out. I’m too lazy to take another pic.


3 thoughts on “Sew Buttons

  1. Good job. I have one of those little easy stich things I bought at a yard sale for only $2. It sure comes in handy.


  2. It is called an easy stich. It used to be on tv. You need a buttoneer maybe they have one on Ebay. You just snap the buttons right on. It is cool. I had one years back. Wow I need to get another one. Good job!!


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