Hiding from the heat

misc monday
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was fun. I went to the coast to hang out with my friends who live around there and nerd out on some D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). We ate good food and drank and had an all around fun time. We don’t get together very often to play our campaign because we all live in different places and have grown up lives and what not; but it is always kind of exciting when we get together to play. We are trying to figure out playing the campaign online so we can advance more in it. Still working out the kinks in that plan.
Anyway, this week doesn’t have too much exciting in store for me. I should probably work on those boxes that are taking over my apartment, but the way it’s been going lately is I get home from work and eat dinner then pick up whatever book I’m reading and that’s my evening.
Oh well. We’ll see what I get done (probably nothing).
Hope you all have a great week and stay cool (it’s like a million degrees here in New Orleans).


One thought on “Hiding from the heat

  1. Stay cool. Thanks sorry you could not find the ice cream store. I hope you can get some to stay cool. It is hot here too 105 ouch. Cold soda helps better than water I think. I love that game too. I worked on some stuff too. I hate when garbage or donations pile up. I feel I don’t get enough done either. We are just too hard on ourselves.


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