Makin’ Groceries

nom noms
Went to the store earlier this afternoon with my brother and here’s what I got:
• A couple of lemons
• Small cucumber
• Plain non-fat yogurt
• Spices (oregano, paprika, cumin and dill)
• Garlic
• Plums
• Black beans and rice (you’ll see this again)
• Bread
• Ground lamb
• Ground turkey

I’ll be making my Lazy Cooking post for this week this evening with some of these items!


4 thoughts on “Makin’ Groceries

  1. Pretty good menu. What will you drink? I am switching to off brand soda, water,low fat milk and some juice now plus then. Good luck this week. I am looking for the recipe for Mexican meat loaf that is supposed to be good if you know of it . Thanks.


  2. Oh don’t forget monday to go to Marble Slab for free ice cream for red heads only. Enjoy. Your brother is a sweetheart. The freebie is for the 11th only. Good luck.


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