I haven’t just been plain ol’ lazy, ya know

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

A lot has happened since I took a break from the blog. Well, not a lot in the “life changing” sense, but I’ve just been very, very busy. In May, I had a couple of eventful weekends that the prep work for took up my time–taking it away from blogging. First, I had a girls weekend with my friends from the coast (plus one from Wisconsin!). We got all dressed up and hit the casinos on the coast.

*wolf whistle*

The very next weekend, I flew to Chicago with some other friends. They had never been, and I hadn’t been there since my college days. We stayed in a nice hotel and just walked the city pretty much. It rained a good bit while we were there but it was fun. I fell in love with the city all over again.


The weekend after that, I went up to my mom’s for a long weekend of helping her get ready to move. Mainly, I just went through my own stuff and helped her take stuff to be donated as well as clean up a bit. It was a tiring weekend.

But not as tiring as the weekend after that, in which my brother and I went up to my mom’s and actually moved her down here. So very tired and broke after that one.

So now my place is full of boxes, again. But I have a real bed and a nice recliner. Going through all this crap is my main priority now though. Some of it needs to go into storage; some of it I’ll need to find a home for in my apartment; and the rest of it is either going on eBay (I was holding onto some stuff even before this new influx of crap in the hopes of a “garage sale” at work, but I found out we won’t have one till probably October and I’m sick of living with boxes around me) or to Goodwill.

I feel like I'm a hoarder.

even more hoarding

However, the blog is also back on my list of priorities! I have been working on new segments as mentioned in my last post, and I had planned on preparing a bunch of entries that would be ready to post for future entries (for the segments that don’t need to be what is actually happening in real time) so I don’t have to stress myself out each night to write on the blog. I wanted to have some buffer set up so all I need to do is three posts a week for publishing then and there (that will be my Mondays, Food Waste Fridays, and Makin’ Groceries posts–sometimes the Reading is Sexy posts as well). My friend, Dewey over at Comics From Space is always working on his comics so he has plenty to post in case something happens and he can’t work on them for whatever reason. However, that didn’t really happen, so I’m going to have to work on the buffer as I work on posts for the weeks ahead. So bear with me.

Anyway, this is my day on the blog where I get to ramble. I can’t promise that I’ll always have something to say, but when I do and it doesn’t fit in with the other segments it will go up on Mondays. Stay tuned for more fun happenings!

(Oh and hope all you in the US are having a lovely 4th of July! One of the few holidays I actually get off work!)


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