Oh, didn’t see you there…

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Busy busy busy

I have been a bad blogger. I kinda just skipped May. I wasn’t feeling the whole “monthly goals” thing; and I’m over the “goals” in general. So, I’ve been working on ideas for this blog instead of actually posting anything. Some things will stay the same, but there will be some new features as well! Now, before you get too excited, let me say that it will be a bit longer before I’m back in the game. It’s been go go go for the past couple of weeks for me and my mom is moving this weekend so I have that to help with as well. After I get a chance to breath, I will be able to get the new features ready for posting.

So, without much further ado, here is what you can expect from Lazy Lady when it makes its grand return:

Something Old:

  • READING IS SEXY – this segment will be staying with just some minor tweaks to it
  •  FOOD WASTE FRIDAY – there is no way I’d get rid of this segment!
  •  MAKIN’ GROCERIES – also hanging in there

Something New:

  • LAZY COOKING – a look at how the lazy feed themselves, the lazy being me
  •  PRETENDING TO CRAFT – crafting by a lazy person! expect a lot of unfinished projects

And more!


One thought on “Oh, didn’t see you there…

  1. Glad to here you are back. I was starting to worry about you. Take care and just post when you can. Stay healthy and enjoy life. Sarah


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