Reading is Sexy

Reading is Sexy is a weekly update on what I am readingSometimes it’s a new book, sometimes…well, I just didn’t have time to finish the book yet. Lay off me.

I finished up the comics and lone magazine that I posted last week. Aaand I haven’t really found something else that I really want to read.

Hopefully I’ll have something to post next week. Also, I’m open to suggestions!


6 thoughts on “Reading is Sexy

  1. OMG! When I was a kid, other kids called me Strawberry Shortcake, too. But it was just because of the freckles. I always wished I had the red hair to go along with them. Maybe I should dye my hair the same color as yours, ha ha!


  2. I am dying mine blond so, I can hear some cool dumb blond jokes. Why don’t you read about human interest groups and ect..? I love to. You could post more about your job and your coworkers. I’d love to hear more. Enjoy your day.


  3. You should read about Annie Jones, the bearded lady who toured with P.T. Barnum. Btw, your picture has totally inspired me to be a bearded lady for Halloween. Where did you get your beard? I want one just like it! Or did you make it?


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