Progress Report

Saturdays I review what I’ve accomplished or not accomplished through out the week. Did I meet the goals I set in my Focus post on Monday? Did I regress? Let’s see what grade I got this week.

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For April’s Week #2, I got the chance to do a redo of my mostly unsuccessful Week #1 goal due to Passover.

While I ended up staying up a bit late Sunday night (due to sleeping most of Sunday–woke up around noon, took a two hour nap around 5pm), I still got up pretty early on Monday. I woke up and could have gotten up around 7am, but I spent another hour just laying in bed. After awhile I realized I wasn’t dreaming, I was just replaying Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes in my head (the reason I stayed up late Sunday night). So I got up, got dressed, made my lunch and got to work before the rest of  my department. Monday evening, I was pretty productive. I worked on freelance, cleaned and washed out the poo box, and took out the trash. I went to bed before midnight even!

Tuesday morning, I got up ok early. Enough time to make my lunch and have breakfast. Tuesday night, I forgot some source materials I needed for my freelance at work so I couldn’t work on it. I could have washed the dishes piled up in my sink, but instead I stayed up till after 1am watching Buffy.

Needless to say, I did not wake up early Wednesday morning. I didn’t have time to do my make-up or even make my lunch, I just grabbed a can of ravioli. Wednesday night I stayed up till 12:30am watching, well you can guess what I was watching. But I was also working on freelance work during this time, so at least I was mildly productive. The dishes still sat in the sink. >.>

Thursday I got up kinda regular-ish for me. Not early, not late. Thursday night, I did freelance and stayed up later than I should have, but I did do the dishes!

Friday morning, I was up before my alarm went off at 6am. I was up with a horrible tummy ache. I spent a good while dealing with it till most of it passed. Then I was exhausted, so I fell back asleep. I got up in time to get dressed and go to work, and spent the day feeling like crap.

GRADE: C-While it may not look it, I kinda tried this week. I didn’t succeed very well and my effort was kind of minimal, but I feel it was a bit better than last week.


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