Food Waste Friday

Every Friday (well, almost), I post food items I’ve lazily let expire and therefore need to throw out. This is an effort to shame myself into stop wasting food and money.

OH SNAP! Guess who did not waste any food this week! Me, that’s who!

Ok, but truthfully, I feel I must confess that one day at work, while I was eating a lunch of a turkey sandwich with broccoli and carrots (dipped in that Chipotle dressing) I just got to the point where I could not eat another thing. And I had like 5 baby carrots left. They’d been sitting out on my plate and were starting to dry out…so I tossed them. WASTEFUL. I KNOW. But at least I didn’t throw away a perfectly good WHOLE onion this week. Still kicking myself over that from last week.

Hmm, well since I don’t have a photo of food waste to post on here, I should find something else to put up so it won’t just be all text. Let’s see…

Digging through my old Photobucket account, I found this illustration I made forever ago. So long ago, in fact, that I don't remember why I made it. It seemed fitting for a Food Waste Friday post though.


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