I posted a Polyvore set I made on Monday and as this week got it’s slow start, I was thinking about something that’s been irking me for some time now. I wish I was better dressed. I spend probably too much time on Polyvore, making cute outfits I’ll never own (mostly because the items I select are WAY out of my price range). But I look at spending time there as a positive in two main ways: 1) I do layouts like this for work (sometimes-not terribly often but perhaps more in my future), so it is good practice for me; 2) and while I can’t afford the actual items I use in these sets, they give me ideas of what to look for when/if I ever go clothes shopping–I’ll just buy cheaper versions, of course.

However, as it is, I feel like the schlub where I work. All the women I work with are very well dressed and stylish, well mostly. Even the freakin’ interns dress nicer than I do! I’m not made of money, and I actually kinda hate shopping, but man…sometimes I just wish I could be fashionable too. As it stands, I feel like I’m trying to convince people that wrinkled and covered in cat hair is a hot new trend (joke credit to Annie).

There are some great shops here in New Orleans, with prices that range from what I consider manageable to “why would I pay that much for a vest?!” Local and chains. But my favorite places to shop for clothes here are the re-sale shops and thrift stores. Our Goodwill has AMAZING stuff…well, sometimes. My last trip there I got a really nice blazer, a wrap shirt that I haven’t quite figured out yet, a nice dress (that has a small hole I discovered once home, but I can fix that) from Gap, and a good, big black purse. I went there looking for costume pieces for Mardi Gras, but whatever, I’m happy with my purchases that I got for $12 total.

I would like to spend some time just, well, playing dress up I suppose with all the clothes I have in my wardrobe right now. Try to put together outfits that are more than just top and jeans. That’s one problem I have, I’ll have an outfit or two that are pretty cute and put together, but to where them in the mix of top-&-jeans outfits feels like I’m cheating or something. And it invokes the dreaded question “ooh got something going on today?” Which means they like the outfit, they think I look nice, but they also notice that I look like a slob every other day of the week.

I’ve been focusing on accessories during my rare thrift trips. Jewelry can help change a blah outfit to a put together one, in my opinion. Scarves too, though I have to be honest here–I’ve yet to really figure out how to freakin’ where a scarf. I see how people where them on the many fashion blogs I follow, but every time I try to replicate that look, it just looks dumb to me. Then I get frustrated and just tear the scarf off  and leave the house late for work and in a top-&-jeans outfit.

I suppose I should play with my make-up too. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve let my skin care and make-up get away from me. I’ll wash my face and sometimes I’ll remember to moisturize. I rarely wear make-up to work anymore, especially when I am in my glasses. However, wearing some make-up would probably help with the whole “put together” look too. Instead of the “just woke up, put on clothes and came to work” look I’ve been sporting for too long now.

Sorry, this was just kind of a rambling blog post. I’m not sure what I was hoping to accomplish with besides whining, I guess. And don’t worry, I’m not going to turn this blog into one of those fashion blogs where I talk about what I wore on this day or something (no disrespect to those blogs though, I love them). Just working through my fashion demons on here.



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  1. Wow I love all of that stuff too. I love thrift shops and discount shops for clothes like Ross ect.. You may want to try garage and yard sales too. I have found full outfits for under $1 that are in fashion at real rich areas. I have been shocked. They give away free stuff too. Someone gave me a very nice holiday vest someone did not even use free. I love it. Take care and think positive. Creativity is one of the best things to have for every aspect of your life. I love Make-up. Cover girl is good too.


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