I promise it’s not the lazy speaking…for the most part

Ok ok…I didn’t post a Progress Report. I know. But last week I did all I set out to accomplish…mostly. Didn’t do any cleaning on Sunday, but it’s carnival season. I didn’t do a Makin’ Groceries post either, but I didn’t go grocery shopping.

And then today I didn’t do a Focus post either, but like I said, it’s freakin’ carnival season. This week is going to be crazy busy at work trying to get things done so we can get out before the roads are all blocked and there is no where to park because of parades. Then, there are the parades themselves, some of which I am reviewing for work–like I did this past weekend.

So, I’m giving myself this week and next away from the blog. I try my best to write this thing in the here and now, not by scheduling posts ahead of time for the most part; and that will just be so difficult with all I have going on.

I hope any of you who read this little blog of mine will be understanding and will return with me after Mardi Gras has past. Until then I leave you with these photos from last year’s Mardi Gras season. Wish me luck in figuring out a costume for this year.

mg 2010

Annie and I in the St. Ann's Parade, 2010

Me before going to M.O.M.'s Ball, 2010


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