On Mondays, I like to set out some goals for the week. This helps me stay focused and feel a little less overwhelmed. However, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t accomplish all I set out to do. I’m only human. A very lazy human.

Ok, last week I kinda feel off the face of the blog-iverse. I just didn’t have it in me to sit down and write anything. I got in serious lazy mode. I’m going to try to make up for it this week.
This week I’ve decided it’s time to implement a small weekly chore routine. I’m not starting out big, just small tasks to keep me inline. So here’s the plan:
  1. Monday: Trash duty. Tuesday is pick up day, so Monday evening I want to just go through out the apartment and pick up trash I’ve left around and also empty out the bins into the garbage can. Then, take the garbage to the curb.
  2. Tuesday: Dishes. I’m only one person…one person who happens to own a TON of dishes. So I can get away with not doing them every day. It’s gross, I know, but I’m trying. So on Tuesday night, I will do whatever dishes I’ve let accumulate up till that point.
  3. Wednesday: Litter box and laundry. I know I should probably clean out Mr. Tom’s box-o-poo more than once a week, but I kinda forget about it till the smell hits me. So once  a week is actually an improvement. Like my dishes, I also have a ton of clothes. Back before I had my own washer and dryer, I was only able to do laundry once a week when it was convenient for my big brother. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing it on Wednesdays since that was pretty much when I’d go over there do it.
  4. Thursday: Dishes and trash, again. I may have a ton of dishes, but I am trying to be less gross here. Friday is my other garbage day, so I will repeat the Monday night routine here.
  5. Friday: Pick-up. Ok, so I know that is kinda vague, but I didn’t know how else to describe it. I just want to pick up the general mess I cause throughout the week. Put away clothes I’ve just thrown around. Put all my shoes away. That kinda stuff.
  6. Saturday: nothing. The past few weeks, I’ve had plans to run errands and do stuff on the weekends. Saturdays always end up being days where I just laze about in my pjs, though. I figure I need a day of rest, so I’m giving myself one.
  7. Sunday: A bunch of stuff. After my day of rest, and with only one day left before the work week starts again, Sundays have become my “get off my ass” days. I’ll do my “major” cleaning on this day, as well as run errands (such as grocery shopping).
Now, when I post my Progress Report on Saturday, I know I won’t be able to account for the Sunday plan, as that day will be in the future. Still, I hope I can manage to do these simple things this week.
Also, I’ve been pretty hit or miss with the spinning class. I made it once last week, but evening obligations through out the week made me too tired to go on Thursday. Here’s hoping I’ll do better this week.
Oh, and so this isn’t all words and no pix, here are some shots of how the ol’ apartment is looking these days:

I spent yesterday picking up the apartment, so those garbage bags are from that activity.

I striped the bed and hadn't put on fresh sheets yet when I took this pic.

The kitchen is a general disaster zone at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I see myself a lot in you! It’s nice to see other people can admit to being lazy, haha. Take care! 🙂


  2. Actually you have done very well and have made major improvements this year. Your other place was messier and you have done so well. Good job. Keep up the good work. I am working hard to get more done too. I am going to give away more things to make space. Take care and enjoy this week.


    • I feel like it’s kinda a cheat though. My new place was clean, and although me filling it with crap junked it up a bit, it was still not in the state that my last apartment was in. I’ve always told myself that it’s easier to stay clean than it is to get clean when it comes to my living spaces. However, I rarely “stay clean” for too long.
      Here’s hoping that maybe this time will be different.


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