Whip It

The first time I ever went to a roller derby bout was here in New Orleans, back in October, 2008. I’ve been in love with the sport ever since.

I never did become a ref, btw


I went to ever bout I could. The Big Easy Roller Girls have AMAZING bouts. They are great players and they have the Pussyfooters cheer (sometimes) and the Rolling Elvi are there as well.

Here are some more of my journal comics that involve BERG bouts:

Anyway, while all this was going on, my friend since junior high, Sara, had moved to Kansas with her boyfriend at the time after college (she and I also went to college together). They moved there for his career (as a pilot), and with him gone a lot of the time added to the fact that neither of them knew people up there, she had to find a way to meet people. So she joined the roller derby up there (ok, I probably made all of that up…I don’t know if that’s the real reason she joined the roller derby but from what I can remember I think that is how it kinda happened). She had never been in a roller derby before, but she did like to skate (we would go skating at the local rink back in college).

That’s how Shifty Eyed Mavis came to be. When she was in Kansas and we would catch up on the phone, she’d tell me about practices and training and I’d gush about bouts I had gone to here in New Orleans. Over the past couple of years, she’s moved back to Mississippi and is now a Magnolia Roller Vixen. She was too far away for me to ever get to see her play then, and I just never had a chance to make to the three hour drive up to see her play back in our home town.

Signing autographs for the kids.

However, this past weekend she came down with some other Magnolia Vixens to help out the Mississippi Roller Girls fill out their ranks for a bout in Gulfport, MS. That’s where my friend Annie lives and it’s just an hour and a half from New Orleans. While I was broke, I was still able to go because Sara picked me up on her way down and I just went in early with her. I helped out putting together the programs so I wouldn’t feel like a total mooch getting in for free. Annie and her boyfriend, Daniel, came to the bout and we cheered from the stands for #7.

At the after party.

Then Sara and I went to one of the after parties (don’t ask) and oh man was that fun. I always wanted to go to one of the BERG after parties but we are usually too worn out from the excitement of it all to make it that far.

I was glad I finally got to see Sara play and I look forward to seeing her play again. Before this weekend, I hadn’t been to a bout in a long time. I think I only went once last year, sadly. It’s not that my love for the sport has wained, it’s just hard for me to keep track of the schedule and also find folks to go with me (I still can’t believe I have that last problem…it’s roller derby for crying out loud!). The spark is definitely gaining strength inside me again.


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