On Mondays, I like to set out some goals for the week. This helps me stay focused and feel a little less overwhelmed. However, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t accomplish all I set out to do. I’m only human. A very lazy human.

Well, after my major fail last week, I’m taking “go to the gym” off the focus list. I’m still going to try to go, but maybe I’m not going to make it a goal for the week. I think that just made me resent the idea of going even more last week.

So instead I’m going to focus on the mess I created in my apartment this weekend.


Oh dear. I seemed to have created a bit of a mess.

Saturday, like I said in my Progress Report, I went to Target and spent my birthday/xmas gift cards there. I bought two bookcases, some magazine holders and some costume jewelry (figured I’d should spend a little bit of the gift money on something “fun”). When I got home I put together the bookcases then unpacked all my movies and books. I got most of them to fit in the shelves. After that though, I felt so good about finally emptying those boxes that I felt like unpacking my “stuff” boxes.


Actually, my hallway looked this way before I started destroying boxes.

The “stuff” boxes where filled with things that were just around my apartment and didn’t really have a set home (such as “bathroom” or “kitchen”). Once out of the boxes I was left with the dilemma of “what do I do with all this crap now?

So, this week my focus will be on getting my apartment out of this state of chaos. I was hoping to make my goal for this week to finally start working on this schedule for cleaning I created, but I don’t think that’s realistic. I mean, look at this mess:


I had to clean off the bed so I could sleep on it.

Wish me luck.


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  1. Wow you are getting better at it. I did good. I donated tons of clothes and some shoes to the poor disabled. I am proud of myself. You can get a tax receipt if people do it.


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