Makin’ Groceries

Sundays I show you what I’ve purchased as far as food goes for the week. This is so maybe I’ll remember to eat all of it and not have it become features on Food Waste Fridays. Also, maybe I’ll try to cook more because showing you all ramen and canned ravioli every week would be embarrassing.

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted one of these. My life has been so crazy since even before the move, and my grocery shopping has been done on the fly. I actually had to make an effort to go today and get this post together.

Not much here, but that's how it goes sometimes.

There’s not much to see here. I had $20 in cash leftover from my birthday money, so I was trying to keep this grocery shopping trip to just that amount. After I pay rent and my cellphone bill, I won’t have any money left till I get paid again in two weeks (don’t worry, I’ll probably end up dipping into the whopping $90 I have in savings so I can gas up the car). However, I went over a bit because while at the store I remembered that I was down to less that a full load’s worth of laundry detergent. I probably should have held off buying the soap, though, till I got paid. Whatever.
Here’s what you are looking at:
  • frozen chicken patties
  • sliced turkey meat
  • mayo
  • wet cat food for Mr. Tom Collins
  • bread
  • laundry detergent
The chicken patties are not the best thing to buy; but I cook up some pasta, mix in some tomato sauce and eat that with the chicken and it feels like “real” food. Then I have the sandwich stuff for my lunches, so hopefully I won’t be tempted to spend money on that meal.
That’s it. I have some potatoes that I bought a week ago, so I’m going to make some home fries this week. Maybe even some mashed potatoes. I wish there were more green veggies in this shopping trip. I think I have some canned green beans though. Anyway, time to think more than food. Till tomorrow!



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  1. Wow you did good. You need more snacks and Coke to get things done. You will not be able to do as much unless you eat enough.


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