Reading is Sexy

Reading is Sexy is a weekly update on what I am readingSometimes it’s a new book, sometimes…well, I just didn’t have time to finish the book yet. Lay off me.

I’m still reading The Dangerous Otto Katz, and even though I’m only in the second chapter, I’m already bored with it. I’m thinking I might switch to a different book this week. Sorry,, but I just can’t get into this book. And all the footnotes that are in the back and not actually at the foot of the page are driving me crazy. Are those still called footnotes? I can’t remember. Anyway, I don’t want to have to keep flipping to the back just because some number is there telling me that you are referencing something (actually I don’t flip to the back but dwell on my annoyance of not having immediate gratification like I would had the note been at the bottom of the page). And there are a ton of them. Probably 2-7 per page if not more.

Yeah, you’ll probably see a different book on here come next week.


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