Food Waste Friday

Every Friday (well, almost), I post food items I’ve lazily let expire and therefore need to throw out. This is an effort to shame myself into stop wasting food and money.


Gross milk and tea (the soda in the background is fine though).

I was drinking some of this tea on Wednesday night. I noticed it tasted “off” and had what I thought was just tea stuff floating in it. I got a straw to mix it back together, only to discover that it was more like tea slime. Ew.

As for the milk, well there isn’t a whole lot left, but it a week past it’s “best by” date. I don’t take chances with dairy products.

Also, I’m posting this onion. I bought it last week for my pot roast, but ended up using onion soup mix in the crock-pot instead. I’m throwing it out yet, but I’m preemptively showing it to you all, because I foresee it showing up here again. It just won’t look this good.

Poor unsuspecting onion.


One thought on “Food Waste Friday

  1. I wasted too so, I feel like crap but, what can I do? I tried that is all I can do. I hope you have a great weekend. You did better than I did.


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