Mustache Party 2011

(NOTE: Please forgive the quality of most of these pictures as they were taken with a camera phone)

As I mentioned on my day late Progress Report post, Saturday was a busy day. It’s taken me a little while to sit down and post on here about it.

I got up that morning and finished up what needed to be done around the apartment. Then my friend Crystal came and we went to get my hair did. She gives me the gift of great hair for my birthday every year. After that, we had a late lunch of Mediterranean food. We parted ways after that (she was supposed to attend the party that night, but her back started hurting her and she had to miss out on the festivities).


Gots my hair did. (Forgive the stupid duck face. I did that to be ironic.)


Then my house guests started showing up. First, Laura arrived, baring a cross-stitched mustache and some mustache cupcakes.


Most awesome cross-stitch ever? Yes.



Mustache cupcakes!


Then Annie and Diana got here. Annie gave me a Victorian mustache cup for my birthday!


It keeps your mustache looking dandy!


And finally Sara arrived. Then Laura, Diana and I went off to get food. We got back with pizza and chips and stuff for breakfast the next day. We all hung out and ate and were in general very silly (as usual). Then we set up all the beds so we could just crawl in them when we got home from the party.

I tried to call the cab company to come pick us up at this point but they would not answer the phone. Finally I had to give up and called my friend Lindsay, who has an SUV and had offered to drive us there earlier in the week. She picked us up and we were off to the party!

Oh and when we get there, Lindsay pulls this out of her car!


It's a giant mustache! This pic doesn't do it justice.


After that it was wild times and mustache mania! It was great. Another successful birthday! I’m a bit embarrassed at how drunk I got, especially with some coworkers who don’t normally come out with our gang, but thems the breaks.


At some point, I was pretty much doing the duck face in all pics (mainly because that's one face that won't cause a stuck on stache to move too much) and pointing a lot (That's Annie on my left and Laura on my right, btw).

Sunday, which was my actual birthday, was spent recovering. I stayed in my pjs all day. After everyone left to go home, I went back to bed for a few hours. Then got up and ate leftover junk food and watched movies on Netflix (Rainbow Bright and the Star Thief and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to be exact).

Still, all in all I am blessed to have had such an amazing birthday yet again. Till next year!



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  1. Good for you. Your hair looks good. I need to dye mine red. I dye it brown now. I am glad you had a great b-day. Cool photos. I love the mug too. You are stylin”. Take care.


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