Reading is Sexy

Reading is Sexy is a weekly update on what I am readingSometimes it’s a new book, sometimes…well, I just didn’t have time to finish the book yet. Lay off me.

Well, having finished American Gods last week, I used that now free reading time to re-read a manga series. My friend Annie had loaned it to me a few years ago, and when she was looking to lessen what she’s going to have to move to her new apartment at the end of this month, she gave the series to me for keeps. I like to reread books. I also like to rewatch movies. Over and over.

Anyway, the series is called MARS by Fuyumi Soryo.

But now I need to start reading a for real book. I had listed some that I had to choose some in my last post. I finally picked to read this one:


The Dangerous Otto Katz: The Many Lives of a Soviet Spy by Jonathan Miles

I need to review it for GoodReads, because they are the reason I got it before release. I should probably get on that.



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