On Mondays, I like to set out some goals for the week. This helps me stay focused and feel a little less overwhelmed. However, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t accomplish all I set out to do. I’m only human. A very lazy human.

This week, my focus is to get the apartment ready for company. My birthday is Sunday (the 16th), and Saturday will be the annual Moustache Party at a bar in the Marigny.
I hung up some art yesterday, but not nearly all I wanted to hang. I have about 20 album covers I want to hang, but this time I want to have them framed as opposed to just awkwardly tacked up (not through the covers of course). So that will take some time, as framing aint cheap. That will probably wait till I get my tax return (fingers crossed).

This is just a small selection of the albums I have.

Anyway, so, what I really want to accomplish is getting the front (living room and kitchen) of the apartment company worthy. Really, all I can do at this point is move the boxes into the bedroom, but I want to do this in a way that doesn’t just junk up my bedroom.
It’s a simple goal this week, so hopefully I won’t drop the ball like I did last week (I write this part with a slight scowl towards Mr. Tom Collins, who is napping in my lap at the moment).

Oh, and to find my damn battery charger. Not only will I need it for the blog, but I got the stupid point & click with the Moustache Party in mind. I have a big, nice digital camera but it is not the kind you take out to a bar where you intend to get so drunk that you leave it up to your friends to find you a way home. Unless you are my friend Callie.


2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Those are neat good work. I wonder where you got them? Wow nifty. You will have great fun. My birthday is this month too. I am glad your cat is doing good. I lost a cord too. Good luck. Party on.


  2. I mostly acquired all my records from my friend, Sherie. She had purchased a great many at an estate sale and gave some to me. She also brought in to work a good number from her late father’s collection that she’ll periodically purge through out the year.


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